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Tuesday, Sep 13
3:30pm — 5:00pm
Osteria Marco
387 attending

Never Eat, Draw or Do Creative Work Alone

When Zenman, Bonanno Concepts, and Quang Ho started working together, all were small businesses. But they gave each other freedom to own their expertise, work creatively, and push the envelope. All three companies have thrived, in part because of their long-term partnership. This panel, served with a cocktail, will focus on how symbiotic relationships lead to long-term partnerships and success.

Strictly limited to 50 people. First come, first serve.

Panelists: Keith Roberts, Frank Bonanno, Jacqueline Bonanno and Quang Ho

Hosted by: Bonanno Concepts | Sprocket Communications | Zenman


Jacqueline Bonanno: Jacqueline Bonanno is the Creative Director of Bonanno Concepts. She designs the venues, work spaces, uniforms, menus, training manuals and whatnot. She is a sounding board to the food obsessed and, as Frank’s partner, is very well fed.