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Tuesday, Sep 13
10:00am — 11:30am
417 attending

Remote Life: Building Startups Through Remote Work Culture

What is the benefit of building a startup based around remote work culture? Creating a startup in and of itself can seem daunting enough. Add the uncertainty of hiring and managing a remote workforce, and you understand why there are so few Remote startups today.

During this session, we'll explore why "TRaD" works in the first place, discussing the evolving definitions of remote work, its benefits, pitfalls, and successes. We'll also explain how leadership can build a successful remote culture, from remote work styles to stigmas that exist. Finally, as we dive into impacts on business and takeaways for startups, we look to themes involving finding and acquiring talent, fostering community in multiple "offices" when remote, and how boundaries play a critical role in company success.

Join our panel of experienced entrepreneurs who've successfully started remote companies that tackle these topics on a daily basis.

  • Chris Arnold: Parter at Authentic Form & Function
  • Sara Sutton Fell: CEO at FlexJobs and Remote.co
  • Andrew Berkowitz: Co-Founder and CCO at TeamSnap
  • Matt Zwiebel: Member Success Manager at Galvanize

Walk away with the tools to understand how you can find meaningful success and growth by constructing a startup the TRaD way.

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