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Thursday, Sep 15
8:00am — 9:30am
99 attending

Transforming the Enterprise: Making “startup” the new normal

The word “startup” transcends size. For many in enterprises, it’s an elusive goal: a vision of being able to focus on users, iterate quickly and create products that matter. Companies like Pivotal & Galvanize have risen to stardom with services to support enterprise transformation. And while more info is now available for how to begin, there is a gap in info related to the middle of the journey – early success complete, how to transform the rest of your business (the “legacy”) so that this new way, is the only way? During this session I’ll share real world stories from Allstate’s digital transformations and practical approaches to frame, develop and execute a plan to address the middle of your enterprise transformation.

Brandon Mendoza is Director of Product Management for Allstate Connected Car. A Denver “native”, he left after the last dotcom crash and now gets made fun of for being short of breath on the slopes (just on the first day!). He discovered digital product management after graduate school and has since been in product roles at BMW, Microsoft and Gogo. His quest to build products that people love and use has led him to the significant opportunity brewing at Allstate as they transform their approach to users, digital and industry disruption.