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Thursday, Sep 15
10:00am — 11:30am
144 attending

What’s All the Noise a-Bot?

Driven by the explosive growth of messaging platforms, bot APIs, recent gains in natural language understanding and a machine learning renaissance, the world has gone a bit bot crazy. Is it a flash in the pan or a fundamental shift in computing?

Mike Brevoort—founder of the bot hosting platform Beep Boop—and UX researcher Dr Jonathan Haber explores why bots matter, best practices for designing conversational experience, and opportunities with bots for consumers and at work in the enterprise.

Mike Brevoort is CTO at Robots and Pencils and GM of Beep Boop, a ridiculously simple hosting platform for Slack bots. Mike has nearly 20 years experience creating products, building real-time distributed systems, service architectures, user experiences and data science.


Jonathan holds a PhD in Human Computer Interaction and Information Visualization. His research focused on human computer interaction, interaction design, and information visualization. He loves designing intuitive and useful software, teaching, and sharing UX knowledge with others. He is actively involved in the international UX/HCI research community as a contributor and reviewer, having published in numerous international peer-reviewed conferences and journals. Jonathan is currently working across a diverse set of areas, designing applications in the mobile space related to conversation interaction, learning systems, the financial sector, and game development. When not working Jon can be found at the gym, yoga studio, or hanging out with his cat.