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Monday, Sep 12
10:00am — 11:30am
Wells Fargo Bank - Hershner Room
476 attending

Why Market Research is Important for Companies of All Sizes

Updated: The panel will be hosted by GutCheck CEO Matt Warta, with Beneson Strategy Group's Carl Rossow, SurveyGizmo's Christian Vanek, and GutCheck's Laura Jett.

New products are launched every single day, but how many of those products are actually successful? The only way to find out if your product or service will be truly viable is through market research. Not all companies can afford to hire a firm like GutCheck to conduct market research, but that doesn’t mean those companies should ignore market research altogether.

There are many methods and techniques to viably test products before they hit the market. Get a leg up on competitors, and end the surprises. In this session, an expert research panel will shed light on why market research is an important tool and why every company needs it.

It is crucial to incorporate consumer feedback early and often, so as to not go too far down the rabbit hole. As the landscape gets more and more competitive in all industries, companies must look for every competitive advantage they can. Identifying and reaching your target audience is paramount to the success of any product.

The panel will also address how the advertising and market research worlds are changing. According to GutCheck CEO Matt Warta, “The marketers who are investing their $600B in an increasingly targeted way will force the marketing research industry to leverage methodologies and sampling techniques—consistent with the marketer’s modern approaches.”

Whether you work in technology, consumer products, financial services, or any other industry, this is for you. The vitality of any company, big or small, depends on understanding their audience and how to message to them. Learn how to grow your company and to use consumer insights to leverage your best ideas into your most profitable products. You will have the chance to hear from top researchers who provide services to companies like Google, Proctor and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and more.

The world of market research is adapting, and it isn’t just for big consumer product companies. The researchers from GutCheck are here to answer any question you may have about how market research can help your company grow successfully.

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Wells Fargo Bank - Hershner Room (1700 Lincoln St.)