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Friday, Sep 16
4:00pm — 5:30pm
354 attending

Colorado Hardware - The Future of Advanced Manufacturing, Makerspaces, and Robotics

Making things is fun. Inventing cool robots is even more fun. Advanced Manufacturing in Colorado is vibrant and no slouch to our software friends over at Silicon Mountain. Engineer gyms - or Makerspaces - are leading the charge to ensure the sustainability and innovation of this exciting space. This panel will include 2 CEOs of Advanced Manufacturing companies here in Colorado (including industrial robotics), the Executive Director of the 3rd largest Makerspace in the world (and it's in our backyard!), and representatives from the State of Colorado where we'll discuss the local manufacturing landscape. A focus will be made on showcasing innovations to emerge locally (w/ interactive demonstrations), as well as a discussion on how to encourage youth involvement in the STEM fields. We'll also discuss Colorado's initiatives to spur Advanced Manufacturing through grants and Governor Hickenlooper's initiative to incorporate apprenticeship programs in secondary education. The future of Colorado Manufacturing is dynamic and we're leading the innovation charge!

Big thanks to Red Bull who will be in the house to sample product & make sure everyone has wiiiiiiinngggsss.

Presented by XYmotion - a leader in precision placement robotics based here in Colorado and maker of the ForkCrane - www.forkcrane.com - the first ever industrial transformer that transforms any forklift into a robotic crane.

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