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Thursday, Sep 15
2:00pm — 3:30pm
372 attending

Smart Cities: the Future of Humanity

What is a smart city? Why should we care? Why now and why in CO?

These are the questions that we will attempt to answer, discuss and offer opinions on. We will highlight one or more smart city efforts right here in CO and invite companies and people to participate when appropriate.

In the simplest case, a smart city is an environment that enables all of us to effectively and efficiently live, work and play. It leverages advancements in science and technology to create an area that is intelligent about strategic and tactical needs and wants of all the constituents. It embraces policies and regulations that allow it to be nimble, welcomes its constituents to be prosumers, and thrives on local vibrancy and global connectivity. It challenges the status-quo, conducts careful experiments and continuously reinvents itself.

With all the changes - economic, political and environmental to name a few - smart cities are where the evolution of humanity will happen!


  • Jake Rishavy Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Denver South; Co-Founder, Prime Health; Co-Founder, TechrIoT

  • Sumanth Channabasappa; Founding Director, The CORE; Co-founder & CTO, eyeBot

  • Potentially others