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Wednesday, Sep 14
2:00pm — 3:30pm
191 attending

Time for a Checkup: The 5 Dimensions of Agile Team Health

If you’re not healthy, you’re not going to perform well. The same thing applies to your Agile team. Not healthy? Good luck getting anything done (or at least done well). This session will show you how to evaluate the health of your Agile team, starting with the heart of the team: the retrospective.
Using the 5 dimensions of team health: Clarity, Performance, Leadership, Culture, and Foundation, this session will explain how to monitor and track the 5 dimensions and how to make sure they stay at a high performance level over time.
This session will provide an open and honest discussion about the issues plaguing many Agile teams (and their members, who are often too busy or too afraid to bring these issues up to others) and a clear plan of action for getting team performance and health back on track.

Location TBA

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