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Thursday, Sep 15
2:00pm — 3:30pm
CSU - Denver
140 attending

Periods, Airbags and Artificial Hearts

Hiring and retaining a diverse tech team is critical to your product development. Did you know Apple’s HealthKit was released without a function for women to track their menstrual cycle — something women have been doing for millenia. Airbags were designed for a 6-foot-tall man weighing 200 pounds and killed hundreds of women when they hit the market. Artificial hearts are too big for women’s chest cavities, even though women make up roughly half of heart disease patients. Products targeting minorities, the elderly or the poor are often overlooked and underfunded.

We know there’s a problem. Now it’s time to find a solution. A diverse panel of software engineers will discuss how companies can better attract and retain women and people of color as employees. We’ll cover how to build a more inclusive company culture as well as factors that lead diverse employees to leave a workplace.

Host: Emily Dowdle, Software Engineer @ Wazee Digital
Panel: Jim Ray, Development Director @ CaptainU; Marla Brizel, Software Developer @ Democracy Works; Jorge Téllez, Director of Growth and Operations @ Turing, Ryan Johnson, Software Engineer @ CaptainU