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Wednesday, Sep 14
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Location TBA
346 attending

A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist - Hosted by Galvanize

Data scientist has become an increasingly popular job title over the past few years and has even been labeled the "best job to pursue" in 2016. What does a data scientist do, though? On a daily basis, what are they working on? And how do people get into Data Science? Maybe most importantly, do data scientists have a favorite Disney prince/princess?

Join us as we discuss these questions (along with others) from data scientists in Colorado, including:

Bijal Shah: Vice President of Analytics & Data Products

Bijal Shah drives Ibotta's analytics innovation and manages the company's entire portfolio of data products, also known as Ibottalytics. Bijal is the architect of Ibotta's overall data strategy, leading a world-class team of researchers who provide valuable metrics, including consumer insights and media intelligence, to Ibotta's top CPG and retail clients. Before joining Ibotta in 2014, Bijal was a global corporate strategist at Visa, where she worked on high-profile, post-IPO initiatives involving organizational restructuring, repricing, and product innovation. Prior to that, Bijal worked at ZS Associates, where she built analytical models and advised Fortune 500 executives on marketing and sales strategies. Bijal holds a Bachelor of Science in chemical and biomolecular engineering from University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Adam Richards: Data Science Instructor Galvanize

Adam has a background in statistics and machine learning from the world of computational biology. Today he is applying those skills in both the classroom and in an industry setting. He is fully emerged in the exciting world of data science, a field that is evolving so much that teaching and learning go hand in hand.