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Monday, Sep 12
4:00pm — 5:30pm
390 attending

Navigating a career in tech without the technical know-how.

Part 1: Why it is important to build your technical competency, even if you are in a non-technical role, and 5 simple strategies for achieving this.

Part 2: Hear from 4 individuals who have non-technical undergraduate degrees, why they thought it was important to build their technical competences, and how they did it.

Shaina Jordan - Senior Marketing Analyst
Undergraduate Degree: BA Philosophy/Earth and Environmental Science - Lehigh University
First Job (Post College): Americorps Crewmember - Trails and Restoration

Terese Lichty - Account Associate
Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Journalism and Mass Communication, CU Boulder
First Job (Post College): Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Et Al Designs

Gabe Radovsky - Software Engineer
Undergraduate Degree: BA/MA Linguistics, MA with Certificate in Human Language Technology, CU
First Job (Post College): Cab Driver

Heather Shannon - Senior Engineer
Undergraduate Degree: BA Psychology, Wheaton College (IL)
First Job (Post College): Starbucks Coffee Company (Barista to Manager)

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