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Monday, Sep 12
10:00am — 11:30am
378 attending

Starting a Development Project without a Technical Background

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Starting a development project without a technical background has its hurdles, but it isn't impossible. In this panel, we will discuss determining what kind of team you need to bring your idea to life, how to find them, and bridging the gap between technical and nontechnical talent. The panel will be led by Danielle Long of Skookum. The panel includes both the technical and nontechnical perspectives, including:

Megan Espeland is a former startup co-founder and currently trying her hand at the corporate startup model at Waffle.io, based in the CA Technologies Accelerator program. Megan’s experience spans both hardware and software, and she’s determined you have to be a special kind of crazy to do hardware (it’s really hard). Although Megan is a career marketer, she tends to get her hands dirty in fundraising, culture building and partnerships. As a Techstars alumn (Revolar, Boulder 2015), she enjoys mentoring other young women and abides by the Techstars #GiveFirst motto. On the rare days when she’s not working, Megan can be found traveling the world on credit card points with her partner Lianne.

Roger Obando has been working in the software development space for the past 20 years. After graduating from Duke University with degrees in Computer Science and Visual Design he spend years working with large established interactive agencies before making the move to start his own in 2004. After almost a decade working with companies like Sony, BMW, JP Morgan and Disney he made the decision to move into the product space and has since worked with a string of startups in both a consulting and in-house capacity. Roger has recently been in top technology spots at companies such as Mobile Roadie, Kamino Labs and Baker Technologies where he is currently Co-Founder and CTO.

Jeremy Conkin is a software engineer who has developed products for companies as small as 4 person startups to as large as Fortune 100 enterprises. He started his career at Midway Games where he developed video games for Xbox and PlayStation. When Midway was acquired by Warner Bros, he became employee #1 at Phosphor, a video game startup. At Phosphor, Jeremy was a tech lead on the first Kinect game, Kinect Adventures and on a team adding features to Unreal Engine III. When the App Store launched, Jeremy transitioned to mobile game development and eventually mobile consulting. Today he works for Slalom where he serves as a technology consultant in the Denver area.

Danielle Long is the head of product for a boutique digital product development firm called Skookum, with offices in in Denver, CO and Charlotte, NC. Danielle started her professional career as an attorney in Chicago, but wisely (she feels) pivoted to product work in 2008. Prior to making Denver her home 2 years ago, she worked as a product manager consulting for various shops in NYC, LA and Chicago.

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