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Tuesday, Sep 13
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Wells Fargo Center - 18th Floor
656 attending

Take your Digital Presence From 0 to 100 MPH

You’ve got your killer startup ready to go - you’ve spent months getting funding, testing your concept & getting your brand name together. Now it’s time to take that sucker to market & you start to realize the website your buddy put up for you and your 100 Facebook fans aren’t impressing anyone & don’t give enough brand authority to earn critical Search Engine rankings.

If you are ready to hit the gas on establishing your brand for Google to start earning some search engine rankings and traffic, the experts at Volume Nine have got your back.

This session will focus on:

(1) What elements Google looks at to evaluate if your online brand is legitimate
(2) How to leverage Content Marketing & Social Media to build a powerhouse brand
(3) How (and when) to take advantage of Facebook Advertising

Volume Nine is one of Denver’s premier digital agencies, and with more than 70 active clients our presentations give cutting edge industry updates based on what we are seeing in the trenches. If you’ve ever been to one of our sessions, you’ll know that we don’t do boring & we don’t do fluffy - come prepared to be entertained & to be ready to get in the weeds so you’ve got some tangible takeaways for your business.

Quick note: If you are looking for tips on how to over optimize your text with crappy keywords, obtain shady links or buy fake social followers, this session isn’t for you. You can build a legit brand quickly without cheating, but if you want to cheat just head to fiverr.com & let us know when you want to buy a link remediation program after you get kicked off of Google.