2016 Schedule

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Social Events

Wednesday, Sep 14
5:00pm — 11:00pm
Spire Digital
799 attending

Spire Digital Presents: The Fourth Annual Startup Soirée

Join Spire Digital, everybody's favorite digital product development firm, for the biggest, baddest, booziest party of Denver Startup Week.

To celebrate the unbridled innovation, enthusiasm, and awesomeness that is Denver's technology community.


  • Food, Colorado microbrews, and Colorado spirits
  • Virtual reality playground
  • Pledge 1% Colorado $1000 founder pitch contest
  • The Nuns of Brixton, the world's only Clash cover band that dresses like nuns
  • Bubble Bowling
  • Hamster Ball Collision Course
  • Puppies!!!
    Philanthropic Cosponsor: Pledge 1% Colorado