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Tuesday, Sep 13
2:00pm — 3:30pm
150 attending

Fighting Conway's Law with React Native

Ever wondered how you, as an engineer or engineering leader, can reconcile the costs of maintaining three platforms in today's world? You want to deliver the best user experience to your customers by using native technology - but you cringe every time you think about how to build agile, fast moving (and cost effective) teams across three completely different technology platforms.

Conway's Law tells us this shouldn't work. And lets be honest, it doesn't. We've put bandaids on it - but we need a different technology system.

Come here Craftsy's engineering team talk about a new branch of React they've developed that solves all of these problems allowing our teams to work more effectively but still build awesome web/native applications for our customers. It's been revolutionary for us, and we'd like to start sharing what we've learned with the rest of the community.