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Monday, Sep 12
10:00am — 11:30am
479 attending

We launch products that are too complicated

Building a simple product or at least the illusion of a simple product takes a careful dose of both art, science, and luck. We live in a culture that expects to be instantly satisfied, while at the same time completely satisfied. So there is this feeling that creating a simple solution will come across as being unfinished and not valuable because it’s not as robust as other apps they may have seen. We are distracted by the “Facebook”(s) of the world that have spent YEARS and millions and millions of dollars iterating, testing, building, breaking, failing, scrambling, grinding to build what we now know today as a large ecosystem of apps.

We will explore how to keep your product simple. Ship early and often. Start selling and building customers now with a simple app experience.

This is taken from our Blog on Medium.