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Monday, Sep 28
10:00am — 11:30am
Colorado Lending Source
401 attending

Leave No Bone Unturned: Utilizing Resources to Get your Company Off the Ground

Artisans will discuss taking their craftsmanship to market and what unique resources were utilized along the way. Don't miss hearing Katrina's story of bringing handcrafted leather dog leashes that she designed on a napkin to a full-fledged manufacturing business. Katrina Boldry of Bold Lead Designs fills the gap between what is otherwise available and what people really need -- and this is where you'll find the key success, or at least as far as she's concerned. She funded her business pretty much with its own growth up until she needed a loan to purchase a building. Overall, Katrina will discuss how she has taken a niche market with unreliable or inconsistent materials, utilized various resources in the community, and how she has developed relationships with vendors to achieve her vision of Bold Lead Designs.

Brew Bones LLC was formed a few years ago to enable dog owners and beer lovers to safely share in the enjoyment of the craft brewing phenomenon. Working with vet and canine nutrition experts’ assistance, they found a unique way to formulate and federally trademark a unique brand of treat product that has far wider appeal than just traditional pet product outlets. And we continue to work hard expanding their production capability, product line, and national reach from an idea that was originally a classic “scribbled on napkin in a bar” concept.

Moderated by Adam Melnick, Senior Entrepreneurship Officer at Colorado Lending Source

Panelists include:
Katrina Boldry - Bold Lead Designs
Chris Black - Brew Bones

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Colorado Lending Source (1441 18th St)