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Wednesday, Sep 30
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Location TBA
463 attending

Health Care is taking off, and so will Health!

The eventual goal of the current shift from sick care to health care is health: paradigms and solutions that aim to keep us healthy and eliminating the need for “care”! This panel will summarize the changes that are happening today, the associated business opportunities, and Colorado’s leadership role! The panel will then share a speculative glimpse into what a world that focuses on health will look like and the many entrepreneurial opportunities that it will enable!

Lily Bragg [ Strategist | Multi-disciplinarian | Digital Health Enthusiast ]
Mike Biselli [ Community Builder | Digital Health Entrepreneur | Speaker ]
Sumanth Channabasappa [ Technologist | Entrepreneur | Advisor | Mentor ]

Who should attend...
Health Care Experts and Advocates

What will people learn...
We are currently experiencing the first wave of the move to health care, changes that aim to move us away from sick care and also capitalize on the resulting - massive - business opportunities. CO is leading multiple aspects of this shift! As this matures, we may well see the move to health - solutions that may well keep us from needing care! This will involve paradigm shifts at many levels.
This panel will shed more light on the current move and the opportunities being enabled, steps being taken to make CO the top digital health cluster, and an early speculative glimpse into what a world that focuses on health will look like and the opportunities that it will present for entrepreneurs!