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Wednesday, Sep 30
6:00pm — 10:00pm
Denver Art Museum - Ponti Hall
549 attending

2015 Digital Health Challenge

The Digital Health Challenge is a unique opportunity to hear Colorado’s best and brightest digital health startups pitch their product live in front of a panel of health care executives for the opportunity to test their product…with a group of more than 450 interested onlookers. More than simply a “shark tank,” this event is the culmination of a 3-month long process of evaluation, mentoring, pitching and refining in one of the most significant industries in the US—Health Care—and one of the hottest fields in Tech. Powered by the Colorado Health Foundation, the successful digital health companies will vie for $150,000 in seed capital to offset the costs of implementing the pilot testing of their products in host clinics or healthcare workplace settings.
This years’ focus is on the pilot testing-demonstrating the efficacy of products in healthcare settings and gaining mentoring and customer feedback from Healthcare executives.

The pilot pitches will include the type of pilot the innovator is seeking, the workflow integration requirements, technology needs and the measurable metrics desired. The pitches will demonstrate how the product delivers the "Triple Aim" enhances healthcare access, improves patient experience and clinical outcomes while reducing healthcare costs through the accelerated development and implementation of digital health technologies.
Judging will be conducted by participating host institutions and domain experts. Winners will share seed funding from the Colorado Health Foundation to implement the pilots with the host institutions.

The Challenge is designed to assist early-stage companies build long-lasting relationships with Denver and Colorado health and healthcare stakeholders; and, lay the groundwork for the creation and growth of new businesses in Colorado