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Tuesday, Sep 29
10:00am — 11:30am
236 attending

“AARRR” You Working as a Team? How Successful Product and Marketing Managers Work Together to Leverage Pirate Metrics

There’s not just “an” app for “that” anymore. Innovative features and a slick UI might make your app superior to the competition, but unique challenges in mobile app marketing mean that apps without strategic marketing are likely doomed for failure.

So, how should a Product Manager interact with their marketing team or … what if you don’t have one?

That’s where teamwork leveraging Dave McClure’s Pirate Metrics comes into play! Successful apps evolve when Product and Marketing roles work in tandem to be as mindful of conversion funnel tactics for acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue (AARRR) as they are focused on feature refinement.

Join our panelists as they discuss their teamwork experiences in marketing and product management roles, highlighting mobile app wins (and losses) they’ve had in the past.

Aaron Duke is the product manager for CirrusMD, a digital healthcare communications company offering mobile physician access solutions. Aaron has over 15 years of diverse product experience primarily within mobile and loves a good meal.

Danielle Long has 9 years experience straddling product management and marketing roles for enterprise-level clients. Her mobile app work leverages that experience to consult as a mobile product “gun for hire”, helping entrepreneurs navigate their MVP. She is currently a Product Strategist at Skookum Digital Works and has been obsessed with process management ever since reading “Cheaper by the Dozen” at age 5.

Nicole Cifani has been working in the app space for over 5 years with roles on both B2B and B2C platforms as well as on the agency side. In addition to working on quick-to-market MVPs she has led in-app marketing campaigns for the likes of the San Diego Zoo, Madonna, the LA Kings, and TEDx. She currently heads up marketing at music competition platform Chosen and has a stellar record collection.

This talk will be a helpful forum for anyone looking to understand how to merge product and marketing roadmaps in tn the pursuit of Life Time Value users. Or anyone who likes a good pirate joke.

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