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Tuesday, Sep 29
10:00am — 11:30am
Galvanize (Platte - Atrium/Deck)
739 attending

How to Write Killer Copy and Connect with Customers

who are your speakers / panelists:

Bo Moore (Storyteller at Galvanize, former WIRED journalist)
Mark Saldana (Marketing Manager)
Dynelle (Content Producer at Galvanize)

who should attend?
Founders, marketers, growth hackers, etc. who want to develop their content strategy, craft better copy and tell compelling stories about their product or market.

what will people do or learn, how does it fit into denver startup week?
Part presentation and part workshop, the presenters will tell several stories / case studies of copy driving growth. Then the instructors will break everyone into groups and work with them on an exercise (writing their pitch, analyzing a site’s copy, etc.)

why is it an awesome idea?
Founders and many early stage startup teams don’t know how to write. Everyone should attend this. Clear communication is crucial for startups.