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Stronger Toget(her): Apply Now

Calling all Colorado-based women's organizations and female-focused causes: Stronger Toget(her) is now open for submissions!

On September 17, Denver Startup Week, in collaboration with prettysmart+badass and TARRA, will be hosting a new headline event that brings together women's organizations from across the state. 

We'll celebrate: Bold ideas, keen ambitions, the diverse landscape of women owned and led, gender-inclusive businesses throughout Colorado, and the many organizations that support them.

Please join us for this unifying, landmark event! Interested in applying? Here are the deets:

  • Stronger Toget(her) is an immersive experience - not a trade show or sales pitch
  • We'll be curating activation concepts that allow attendees to step inside your organization and get a brief taste of how it functions, why it's important, and what you're contributing to the community at large
  • Applications are open now through August 10 with limited spaces available
  • Women's organizations are encouraged to collaborate with women-owned, women-led, gender-inclusive businesses when designing their activation
  • We'll share more information about the event details when the Denver Startup Week schedule launches next week (see below for examples)

Spread the word, get creative, and apply now!

Activation Examples:

A non-profit dedicated to helping businesses restructure policies to advance equity in the workplace might

  • Create a short poll that asks attendees about their experience in the workplace / Track and present the results in real time via graphic display
  • Partner with a local improv troupe and coach attendees through advocacy conversations related to equity in the workplace
A social enterprise that specializes in small business consulting services might host mini-consultations in which attendees describe their work, and are offered two books, websites, or resources that could help them achieve greater success

A network of women in the arts might
  • Partner with a women-owned dance troupe might stage a short performance piece or flash mob experience
  • Pose the question, “how might we support women in the arts?” and invite five artists to respond on site via their medium of choice

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