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Tuesday, Sep 19
9:00am — 10:00am
108 attending

Do You Want AI and Robots with That? What Impact Is Innovation Having on Restaurants?

The restaurant landscape is always changing, but the pandemic, labor challenges, inflation, and developments in AI have the potential to more rapidly change how restaurants operate than ever before. How can innovation improve the food service industry? Is that for everyone or just owners? Do we use AI and robots to augment or replace labor? What are possible solutions to the labor challenge in food service? What's the impact of all of this on the customer experience?

Join a discussion with entrepreneurs working to solve these challenges and the operators who deal with them on a daily basis.

Diego Montemayor, Co-Founder/CEO Chamba

Rob Carpenter, Founder/CEO Valyant AI

Ben Deda, CEO FoodMaven

Peter Newlin, Chief Experience Officer Birdcall

Moderated by Larry Herz, OCN Eats