2023 Schedule

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Thursday, Sep 21
12:00pm — 1:00pm
425 attending

VC DAY: Standing Out with VCs: Dissecting A Successful Pitch Deck

VC DAY brings together investors and startups to help founders learn about Venture Capital and the process, tips, and tricks to be successful raising capital.

Session 3: Standing Out with VCs: Dissecting A Successful Pitch Deck
One of the most important parts of the fundraising process is having a pitch deck that stands out and gets investors excited. In this session we’ll look at successful pitch decks and see what they did to stand out. Startups will leave this session with clear, actionable ideas about how to make the best pitch deck for their business.

• Natty Zola, Partner at Matchstick Ventures
• Kirsten Suddath, Partner at Next Frontier Capital
• Erika Nash, Vice President at OpenView
• Jenifer Snyder, Co-Founder and Chief Legal Officer at Fluid Truck
• PJ O'Neil, CEO at Nomad
• Steven Theesfeld, CEO at Keel