2023 Schedule

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Monday, Sep 18
1:30pm — 2:30pm
Maker Track Venue - Denver Place Conference Room
169 attending

From Good Idea to Award-Winning Physical Product: Strategies for Growing Your Brand

Would you like to take your physical product to the next level? In many cases, you’re selling much more than just the product. Your brand is your story and an invitation to come along for the ride. Learn from the experts how they got started, and in some cases, attracted celebrity endorsements. CEOs from award-winning startups will talk about how they gained traction with their brands, developed a team to make it, and the lessons they learned. They’ll dish on the nuts and bolts of developing the hardware for physical products and how to ship them. Find out how they do it all to sell their amazing physical products!
Anna Zesbaugh, CEO of Hooch Booch, Speak easy and drink hard with canned cocktails.
Farnosh Family, CEO of Ayurveda Mama, Culinary ghee for healthy living.
Colin McIntosh, CEO of Sheets & Giggles, Sustainable eucalyptus bedding.
James Garofalo, Partner/CEO at ART.kg, professional haircare with creative self-expression.
Angel Johnson, CEO of ICONI, motivational activewear line.
Jessica Koehler, CEO of MAGNA DEA, aromatherapy bath and body line.