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Tuesday, Sep 19
1:30pm — 2:30pm
Developer Track- Park Central
87 attending

Double Trouble: The Magic of Pair Programming

"If all our developers are pairing, won't they write half as much code?"
"No, hopefully they'll write even less!"

Want to write better code with fewer errors? Want insight into every nook and cranny of your codebase? Want to foster a stronger team spirit and collective pride in your application?

If so, pair programming is your key! 🌟 Dive deep with us into the myriad benefits of this methodology. We'll guide you through the essentials of pairing-- including how to start, common pitfalls to avoid, and why we at Crafted have started pairing everyday. We'll even provide an opportunity for a firsthand pairing experience!

Meet Your Speakers - Cappy Hausfeld & Kseniya Kudzelich:

Cappy has been writing software for nearly a decade in California, Texas, Colorado, and Berlin. She’s been a consultant for more than half her career and has been practicing Pair Programming for even longer. Cappy spends her free time climbing, snowboarding, and taking her rescue dog on hikes.

Kseniya began writing software three years ago, after building a career in the energy sector. She enjoys pair programming with her fellow developers, doing all Colorado things, and studying the intricacies of the human mind in her free time.