2023 Schedule

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Thursday, Sep 21
3:30pm — 4:15pm
155 attending

Future of Energy Day - How Policy will Shape the Energy Future?

This panel will bring together expert perspectives on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in energy and surrounding policy landscape. We'll discuss energy mix and the policies and tradeoffs needed to support global energy expansion around the world. From topics such as energy policy frameworks, renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency measures, to the role of various stakeholders, such as government, industry, and civil society in driving the Future of Energy forward. Through a lively exchange of ideas and experiences, the panel aims to provide insights and guidance for policymakers, businesses, and individuals who are seeking to navigate the rapidly evolving energy landscape.
Moderated by Kyle Wiley – Connector Labs
Sha-Chelle Manning – DARPA Chief Commercial Strategy
More exciting panelists to be announced!