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Tuesday, Sep 20
1:00pm — 2:00pm
204 attending

KEYNOTE: BRYAN LEACH - Build your unicorn but don’t paint the bullseye

Join us at HQ to hear from Bryan Leach, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ibotta, in a keynote event.

Society glamorizes founders, often giving the impression that they achieve success through hard work and a brilliant vision. More often, what makes an entrepreneur successful has more to do with mental and emotional resiliency. How can you cope with the stresses of running your company and show up in the best possible way for your teammates? And how will you handle the fundamental tension at the heart of every startup: caring deeply about the outcomes of your business yet needing to give up control over them in order to succeed?

Bryan Leach founded Ibotta in 2012 and has since served as its Chief Executive Officer. Ibotta created the leading cash back rewards app in the US, paying out $1.5 billion in cash rewards and earning more than 45 million downloads. Recently, Ibotta launched the Ibotta Performance Network (IPN), the largest performance marketing platform in the history of the consumer packaged goods industry. The company now powers the first ever digital offers program for Walmart.
Bryan has been recognized as a Top 10 CEO in the United States (small/medium size businesses) by Glassdoor.com, CEO of the Year by ColoradoBiz magazine, and EY Entrepreneur of the Year for the Rocky Mountain Region.
Prior to Ibotta, Bryan was a partner at Bartlit Beck LLP and served as a law clerk to former US Supreme Court Justice David Souter. He has climbed to the summit of Colorado’s 58 tallest mountains, known around here as the 14ers.