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Wednesday, Sep 21
3:00pm — 5:00pm
Location TBA
188 attending

Venture Capital 501: Startup + Investor Matchmaking


A curated meeting of active investors and startups will be the capstone of the DSW venture funding bootcamp day. The first part of the event (3p - 5p) is open only to investors and startups, followed by a happy hour open to all.

What to Expect:
The invite-only portion will feature investors at tables and open networking opportunities for startups to wander and meet the investors. Ahead of the event, startups will receive a list of the investors that are attending, and vice-versa. At the event, we’ll provide a map of where investors can be found, as well as more information about what they are looking for in startups.

Hosts: Matchstick Ventures, Range Ventures, Springtime Ventures, Stout Street Capital, UNMET Conference