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Thursday, Sep 22
1:45pm — 4:00pm
1800 Larimer Street
33 attending

Pedaling BACK to the Office!

Finally! We're Pedaling BACK to the Office! The last time we saw you on a bike bar tour for Denver Startup Week was way back in September 2019! How the world has changed! The majority of us were still working in offices and living uninterrupted and normal lives. Since then, the landscape for those of us in offices (including those who work in restaurants and other places where people congregate) was forever changed.

As some of us have started returning to the office and others are debating when and how to have their employees return, we will explore what that looks like. We'll take Denver Patio Ride Bike Bars to a few "offices" in Downtown Denver where you'll be able to meet people in-person and network while pedaling in between stops. We want to encourage people to interact with each other supporting the 2022 Denver Startup Week mission of being in-person with each other. We want to help guide and provide value to participants looking to understand how we can safely return to the office and finally return to working together in-person and help generate business with each other as well!

At each stop, we will collaboratively discuss all aspects regarding teams returning to the office:

  1. The motivations of the employees and business owners/managers about returning to the office
  2. How the physical space of an office has or may change due to the pandemic in order to address the safety and health of all employees
  3. How the work week has changed and may change for employees in the future
  4. How landlords are tackling the issues of enticing workers to return to the office
  5. Productivity of working in an office v. working from home
  6. Work-life balance

There may be some fun LIBATIONS provided as well!

1:45pm-1:59pm: Arrive (10-15 minutes early) at 1800 Larimer. Meet outside on Larimer St. Capacity is limited. First come, first serve.
2:00pm: Tour of 1800 Larimer at 1800 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80202 (https://www.1800larimer.com/) with LL, Beacon Capital Partners (https://beaconcapital.com/company)
2:30pm: Pedal to Lewis Roca
2:45pm -2:50pm: Tour Lewis Roca (https://www.lewisroca.com) office located at McGregor Square (https://www.mcgregorsquare.com/)
3:20pm - 3:30pm: Pedal to Dairy Block
3:30pm - 4pm: Tour Milk Market (https://www.denvermilkmarket.com) (https://www.bonannoconcepts.com) (https://dairyblock.com)
END: Dairy Block

All participants MUST sign the Denver Patio Ride (https://www.denverpatioride.com) Waiver below before riding on the bike bar. https://waivers-ui.xola.com/templates/5f075f89860ba007d24cccb2/preview?orderId=6317876931506c0d975080ec&itemId=6317876931506c0d975080d6

Hosted by: SVN Commercial Real Estate Firm https://svn.com
This tour co-sponsored by Bank of America Business Banking (https://business.bofa.com/content/boaml/en_us/home.html) and Intelligent Commercial Environments (https://www.ice3d.com/).

Liz Leder