2022 Schedule

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Thursday, Sep 22
11:30am — 12:30pm
Designer Track Venue - 1245 Champa Studio at the Commons
94 attending

Designing and Prioritizing for Diverse User Groups

Designing for the goals and needs of users is the cornerstone and purpose behind a product team's work. Designers are meant to be the voice of the user and advocate in their best interests. But what do we do when our users have conflicting or varying needs? How do we choose a clear design direction when our users have opposing goals? What is "enough" data to confidently move forward in the design process? What features should we prioritize as a product team to best meet the needs of a diverse user group?

We'll explore ways to design for the varied needs of our users and how to understand our users on a spectrum of behaviors, interests, skills, demographics, and motivations. We will present case studies showing how to make informed product decisions and prioritize for different user goals. Finally, we will discuss how to communicate the nuances of our users and resulting impacts on the product to stakeholders who may be more accustomed to overly simplistic personas of the past.


Kristina Lins