2022 Schedule

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Monday, Sep 19
12:00pm — 1:00pm
Developer Track- Park Central
222 attending

Building a Highly Performing and Scalable Engineering Culture

Culture is one of the most important and differentiating factors for any organization. It’s no longer a secret that high-performance culture delivers sustainable advantage and impact, both internally and externally. We consider culture a confluence of operating principles and values. Both the principles and values need to be cultivated and harnessed to build a sustainable high-performing culture. In this session, Chirag Gupta, Director of Engineering at Pie, along with other Pie Engineering leaders, will discuss how they establish a clear set of engineering principles and values, how they then display an unwavering commitment to discussing, iterating, and upholding them to create a high-performing culture.


Philip Botha, People Partner
Chirag Gupta, Director - Software Engineering
Regan Henry, Senior Engineer
Patrick Rauls, Manager - Software Engineering


Bassel Alshamali, Manager - Technical Recruiting