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Wednesday, Sep 17
6:00pm — 8:00pm
McNichols Building
81 attending

Warm Cookies of the Revolution: The Obstacle Course: Redesign Denver!

We'll give you five rules.

Do you follow them, or break them?

(And try out our real-life obstacle course!)

We are a Civic Health Club for Community Uplift!

We are a community Civic Health Club making the questions “What do we want?” and “How do we get there?” engaging, collaborative, and fun!

Company Overview
We are the world’s first Civic Health Club!

“Uh, so what’s a Civic Health Club” you ask?
Well, you go to a gym to exercise your physical health, a religious institution to exercise your spiritual health, and a therapist to exercise your mental health. Warm Cookies of the Revolution is where you go to exercise your Civic Health.... See More

Warm Cookies of the Revolution is an antidote to the loneliness that comes with Facebook and other online interactions.

It is a place for human connection as well as fun and engaging programming for social change. Most working people who are invited to a discussion about the city budget or welcoming prisoners back into the community (both important and relevant issues), will not attend. However, these same folks go to movies, theater, concerts, sports games and a variety of cultural activities.

Well, if you’re working and raising a family, your time and money are precious and so you spend them on things that are either NECESSARY or FUN.

Our model makes civic engagement both. We meet people where they are, and encourage their ownership, creativity, and participation in exercising their Civic Health…

And we try as hard as we can to not bore the hell out of them!!

The Civic Health Club creates cultural programs that engage regular folks in civic life in meaningful, yet fun and exciting ways. We work with existing community organizations to produce events that combine the fun, light, and engaging aspects of community culture with topics and issues of civic importance.

We know that vital issues of Good Governance, Environment, Justice, Life-Long Learning, Family, and Work/Life Balance can be accessible and fun, and that the more we participate in these issues, the more power we have over decisions that affect our lives.

And who doesn’t love a good cookie?!

Come enjoy warm cookies at all of our programs and, hopefully soon, at our own space.