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Monday, Oct 4
2:00pm — 3:00pm
Virtual Panel
117 attending

Youth Entrepreneurship - Nature, Nurture or a necessary skill set?

Raising young entrepreneurs - does it come naturally, is it nurtured, is it a family-valued life skill that is developed, or what combination? Hear from parents of young entrepreneurs who have sons or daughters who have successfully created multi-million dollar businesses, appeared on Shark Tank, appeared (youngest) on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine, and have services and products available all across the United States. Hear from these parents on their experiences and viewpoints on this important topic.

Kellie Lauth, CEO/President MindSpark & Adams 12 School District STEM Coordinator K-12. Kellie is a biochemical engineer-turned-educator and now, nonprofit leader. Kellie is passionate about STEM education, workforce preparedness, and equity in education. Kellie oversees a brilliant team in disrupting education through one-of-a-kind professional learning experiences and creating transformational shifts in the classroom through STEM, EdTech, Social-emotional Learning (SEL), and Equity-Centered Design Thinking. MindSpark is on track to upskill upwards of 100,000 people in various fields by 2030. Kellie is the mother of 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Tom Morse - Father of Alina Morse (16), founder of Zollipops, sold in 20,000 locations nationally w/ 2020 revenue of $12m. The youngest person (13) to make the cover of Entrepreneur magazine.  Tom is the father of 2 daughters.

Rozalynn Goodwin - Mother of Gabby Goodwin (14), Inventor of GaBBy Bows, CEO of Confidence. Recently received $200,000 for her business from Marcus Lemonis and Gayle King.  Rozalynn is the mother of 2 daughters.

Steve Bonneau - Father of serial entrepreneur Jack Bonneau (15).  Founder of Jack's Stands & Marketplaces & non-profit Jack's Stands. Jack is the youngest male to have successfully pitched on ABC's Shark Tank at age 10.  Most recently, founder & chief evangelist of Teen Hustl, a last-mile package delivery service by neighborhood teens on eco-friendly bikes & e-scooters. 

Kellie Lauth
Steve Bonneau
Rozalynn Goodwin
Tom Morse
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