2021 Schedule

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Wednesday, Oct 6
9:00am — 10:00am
Virtual Panel
90 attending

PANEL: Not Your Pappy's CPG Company: The Evolution of CPG & Why You're Falling Behind

Consumer purchase decisions shifted. Buyers scour hashtags, spend hours reading/watching reviews, and consult search engines. Consumers have low tolerance for disorganized websites. What’s a CPG company to do with these savvy buyers?

This panel of CPG experts discuss how to understand today’s consumer behavior & how to develop modern CPG revenue scaling strategies.

Moderator: Charlie Warden, COO, House of Revenue
Les Burch, President, Sashco
Brad Hendrickson, VP CPG & Consumer Brands, House of Revenue
Christine Dart, VP of Marketing, House of Revenue
Mary Grothe, CEO, House of Revenue

Les Burch
Christine Dart
Brad Hendrickson
Mary Grothe
Charlie Warden
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