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Thursday, Oct 7
11:00am — 12:00pm
Virtual Panel
118 attending

Myth-busting Capital & Growth: Exploring the Capital Journey of Diverse Entrepreneurs

The financial system doesn’t work for everyone. There are alternatives that can assist entrepreneurs to help them start, grow, and expand their businesses to create wealth for themselves, their families and their communities. This capital can be vital to the success of small businesses. However, it can be hard to access, especially for underserved or underrepresented populations.

This panel will explore the experiences of diverse founders who have taken on startup and growth capital. They will share their stories of what does and doesn’t work and how to find resources that resonate with you. Dive deep into alternatives to traditional bank lending and the realities (and myths) of taking on capital for your business.

In this session we will discuss:

-alternatives to traditional bank financing
-finding responsible capital for your business (and what pitfalls to avoid!)
-the experiences of diverse founders using capital to startup and scale
-fears and myths about taking on capital
-community resources for underserved entrepreneurs

Marie Peters
Amanda Peck
Lorena Cantarovici
Dianne Myles
Gabriel Medina
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