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Tuesday, Oct 5
5:00pm — 6:00pm
Virtual Panel
110 attending

Workplace with a Heart

The pandemic has accelerated shifts in every aspects of our lives including the way we live, work and play. Working from home has given us an opportunity to reimagine the purpose of place as it relates to work. As Denver starts to open and some consider returning to the office, what’s essential for a workplace? What’s irrelevant? What can a workplace do to enable all employees to thrive while producing the business outcomes we aspire to?

Prompted by the changes brought on by the last year, Gensler has introduced a new way of thinking about how we design the experience of work in offices and beyond, inspired by a vision for something more equitable, engaging, and effective than before.

Erin Vinezeano, erin_vinezeano@gensler.com

Kim Alpert, kim.alpert@udemy.com
Ian Young, ian.young@gusto.com
Kelly Dubisar, kelly_@gensler.com
Brian Stromquist, Brian_Stromquist@gensler.com

Brian Stromquist
Kelly Dubisar
Ian Young
Kim Alpert
Erin Vinezeano
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