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Monday, Oct 4
11:00am — 12:00pm
Virtual Panel
159 attending

Global High Impact Entrepreneurship: Building a Digital Platform for Kindness

In this session, we will examine how digital technologies (including AI, blockchain, cloud computing, and data analytics) are transforming the world of high-impact global entrepreneurship. Drawing on the experiences of Touch-A-Life Foundation, an entrepreneurial global social enterprise, and its corporate, technology, social entrepreneurial, academic, and non-profit partners, this session will address how companies can use new technologies to more effectively connect donors and donor recipients in the U.S. and across borders; provide new and multiple platforms for giving; and raise awareness on issues impacting our most vulnerable communities. Session participants will gain a fresh perspective on the exciting roles that entrepreneurs can play in order to help build a better world during this digital age of globalization.

Dr. Manuel Serapio, Director, Institute for International Business, Center for International Business Education and Research, CU Denver

Tej Gundavelli, Founder & CEO, TAL Foundation
Veena Gundavelli, TALScouts Global Chair, TAL Foundation
Sai Gundavelli, Board of Directors, TAL Foundation

Karen Freidhof
Suryatej gundavelli
Sai Gundavelli
Manuel Serapio
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