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Thursday, Sep 17
4:00pm — 5:00pm
24 attending


In this short film, “Black Trauma Black Dreams”, Valentino wanted to capture the duality of the black femme burdened with the risks of living authentically and with the full understanding of the power they truly possess. Power that goes beyond gender that transcends them to new heights in which we should all strive to reach. We can never erase the NIGHTMARE, but if we continue to support and empower black women we can one day turn this DREAM of equality, love, and communion into reality!

In this 3 part performance, we explore Black Pleasure, Black Worship, and Black Vibrations. Each video uses the power of storytelling and imagery, to depict the human conditions that the black lgbtqia+ community has faced and continue to experience.

In this workshop, you’ll be learning the basics of vogue femme — one of the 3 styles of vogue. We’ll break down the 5 elements that make up this dance style and cover the history behind this art form and culture. Come dressed in dance/athletics gear or something you can move comfortably in.

VALENTINO VALENTINE is a Front End Developer, curator, and creative. They have created a true passion for software development and some of their favorite Tech Stack include React, ES6, SASS, CSS/HTML, and JavaScript. They also hold a BFA in Acting which has allowed them to enrich the Denver community. Valentino is the mother of the House of Flora, proving that they possess the tenacity to spread awareness and guidance to members of the Black, Latino, and LGBTQIA+ community. Along with their original work that was commissioned by MeowWolf, Valentino directed, filmed, edited, and performed in their original work “Black Trauma Black Dreams” for this year’s Burning Man Festival. You’ll be able to catch a streaming of this short film during Denver Start-Up Week along with a vogue femme workshop lead by Valentino. Valentino always strives to create true connections as well as a solid sense of community with a team — “let’s create!”.

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