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Monday, Sep 14
4:00pm — 5:00pm
Virtual Panel
254 attending

Colorado Thrives and its focus on Economic Mobility, Inclusion, and Diversity

Ever wondered how key CEOs from some of Colorado's largest companies are doing to advance economic mobility and address inequality? Here's your chance to hear first hand.

In April 2020, the formation of Colorado Thrives was announced. Thrives was formed in 2018 by current/recent CEOs from some of Colorado's largest companies, and their purpose is to advance Colorado as an inspiring and inclusive community known globally for innovation, collaboration and overall well-being.

Colorado Thrives chose Economic Mobility as their first area of focus, which is centered on their collective commitment in making Colorado’s vibrant economic environment more accessible to people of color and with diverse backgrounds. This topic, selected in early 2019, is taking on heightened importance and urgency in light of COVID and the increased focus on the systems that perpetuate inequality in our society.

This highly-interactive session will feature a few of Thrives’ CEOs in an open conversation with attendees, where CEOs will share more information about the projects Thrives is undertaking, the leadership role their companies are playing, and the collective role of business in this critical moment in our state and nation's history.

Sign up today to hear from these key leaders in the community:

  • Mike Fries, CEO Liberty Global
  • Steve Rendle, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, VF Corporation
  • Teresa Taylor, Board Member at TMobile and Blackhills Energy, Former COO Qwest
  • Dan Caruso, Co-Founder and CEO, Zayo Group
Mike Fries
Kate Barton
Steve Rendle
Teresa Taylor
Dan Caruso
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