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Tuesday, Sep 15
3:00pm — 4:00pm
Virtual Workshop
533 attending

How to Get People to Like You and Buy from You

The hardest thing for any business owner is telling people what you do…and having them understand.

People buy from people they like, know, and trust. So how do you even get there with potential customers who have no idea who you are and why they should buy from you?

You take them on a journey with content marketing, that’s how. You get them to know you, like you and want to buy from you with relevant content marketed to them in just the right way.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

-How to market your startup with the right kind of content
-The best channels to reach your audience
-The kind of content your audience is looking for
-How to say what you do in a clear and effective way
-How to get people talking about what you do (so they can market for you)

You'll leave this workshop knowing exactly who you’re marketing to, the kind of content your startup needs, and how to say what you do in a clear way that you can use in your elevator pitch, tagline, or at an event.

Jake Cohen
Jessica Sand
Michael Ready
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