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Tuesday, Sep 15
1:00pm — 2:00pm
Virtual Panel
96 attending

Women and the future of gaming

Women aren't just avid gamers they are changing the face of the marketplace. From #boardgames to #videogames they are both creating more diverse content and have become industry leaders that are both dreaming of and creating the future of #gaming. A focus for the panel will be their experiences as women in the male-dominated world of gaming and how we can support and highlight diverse voices during the pandemic and beyond.

Panelist: Shail Mehta
Shail has a passion for gaming. When she immigrated to the United States in the 90s with her family, Shail made a group of friends right in her apartment community that were playing Chutes and Ladders. Shail, not knowing English, just began to play. That is how she formed friendships and became a part of a new community. Playing #boardgames became her hobby, even though she ventured into various career paths. She has a financial background working for hedge funds and venture capital funds, she has consulted for the Nuclear Regulatory Committee, City University of New York, City & County of Denver 's projects and Triunity Engineering. Has managed teams and executed projects throughout her career. Shail is the driving force for the vision and future for The Last Gameboard and their groundbreaking tech Gameboard-1

Panelist: Keisha Howard
Infectiously passionate about the worlds of video games and geek culture, Keisha Howard is a leader who has created a compelling and engaging vision and inspires others around it. A two time TEDx Speaker, Keisha is able to foresee what lies beyond the horizon for the video game and e-sports industries. She regards video games as more than just entertainment, but a system of ideas and processes that can move and inspire people to action.

Panelist; Abby Debusk
"Abby Debusk is the Art Director at Serenity forge and currently resides in the beautiful foothills of Colorado. Formerly, Abby worked at Pixar as a part of the PUPS Program, as well as a Disney Television Background Artist after graduating from Calarts Character Animation. At Serenity Forge, Abby worked on several projects including Half Past Fate, and is taking on the role of Creative Director on an upcoming unannounced project. Abby loves immersive singleplayer games and modding art. When possible, she would escape to the outdoors, such as hiking, volunteering on wildlife projects, woodworking, geocaching, and birdwatching."

Host: Lys Fulda
Elysabeth "Lys" Fulda was seven years old when she finished reading the leather-bound silver foil edition of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Still overwhelmed by the book, her mother asked "Lys, your math is getting better. Do you want to come up with the adults and play D&D?". Nothing was the same after that. A simple game night became an origin story.

After a stint with Diamond Comics doing everything from customer service to buyer, Lys saw a gap in the industry. Lots of incredibly creative people who put their heart and soul into products who often didn't have the time and sometimes skills to promote themselves properly. Sphinx Public Relations started in 2000 and has been an ongoing business ever since.

The company was founded on the idea that all geek voices regardless of budget deserved a chance at the spotlight.

Abigail DeBusk
Shail Mehta
Elysabeth Galati
Michael Ostrow
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