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Monday, Sep 14
1:30pm — 2:00pm
Virtual Individual Presentation
338 attending

Be a Braver Creative: Lessons from the Broncos Sidelines

For the past 7 years, Milan Klusacek has created digital content for the Broncos’ social channels - capturing videos from the sidelines to give the fans an unprecedented look at the game, including the Superbowl 50. Doing this work has forced him to face fears and put himself out there in a way he would never have thought possible. But the results can be spectacular.

In this session, he will share what he has learned about overcoming fear and dealing with pressure to create something great. No fluff … just honest stories and field-tested lessons, to help you be a better - and a braver - creative.

Milan is a completely self-taught creative who grew up in a communist country with limited opportunities. He has been a designer and video producer for 20 years and still has to decide daily whether to be brave or to hold back and hide.

This session is meant to fuel courage to overcome the inner critic and bring creatives life and encouragement on their journey.

Hosted by: Milan Klusacek


Milan Klanjsek
Milan Klusacek
Castle Searcy
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