2020 Schedule

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Monday, Sep 14
2:00pm — 3:00pm
Virtual Panel
315 attending

Next Gen Ecommerce – How to scale an Online Retail Company?

COVID-19 will forever change the retail industry. Its impact has been to both accelerate existing trends as well created new challenges for online selling no one previously even imagined. Join a panel of top ecommerce operators for a discussion of the present and future projection of ecommerce.

Topics will include:
• New best practices for marketing, operations, and data management
• Role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the online experience
• Emerging technologies such as augmented and virtual reality
• Demand for sustainable and socially-conscious products
• Changing role of the consumer and emerging patterns for purchasing
• Place of Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify and predictions for ecommerce in 2025
• … and more

Panelists include:
• Kristin Langenfeld, cofounder and CEO of Good Buy Gear
• Jon Czaja, former VP of Operations Stitch Fix and Director of Operations Walmart
• Lee Mayer, cofounder and CEO of Havenly
• Jonathan Smalley, founder and CEO of Yaguara

Moderated by Tom Humphrey, Partner at Access Ventures, along with Luis Villareal and Elyse Kent of Access Ventures.

Luis Villarreal
Elyse Kent
Kristin Langenfeld (Good Buy Gear)
Jon Czaja
Lee Mayer
Jonathan Smalley
Jake Cohen
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