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Tuesday, Sep 16
1:00pm — 2:30pm
171 attending

Online Activism Progress & New Paradigms

Thank you all for those who attended this event! For those who did not, please watch our long or short versions here:

Short Video (13min.): https://vimeo.com/106984786
Long Video (1.5hrs): https://vimeo.com/106801850

Online activism is often viewed as the classic middle class response to societal challenges. It is often criticized for not promoting actionable outcomes, just rhetoric or lots of signed petitions. Yet there is no question social media platforms can facilitate activist appeals for social and political change. Such examples include:

-fundraising: ALS Challenge
-powerful messaging: Ex. Joseph Kony video
-petition signing: Ex. political campaigns, Keystone Pipeline.
-committing new votes: Ex. Obama 2008 & 2012 elections
-network effects: Ex. Nigerian Girls hashtag
-policy corrections: Ex. PIPA & SOPA

So what are the best methods to sustain social activism through digital channels? How can we improve actionable outcomes? How do startups fit into philanthropic endeavors? This panel session attempts to answer the future of digital advocacy as related to social, political, cause, and startup campaigns.

Panelists to include:
Jon Perri, Deputy Campaigns Director at Change.org
Craig Wilcox, CEO Simplur.com
Ray Rivera, Co-founder Democracy.com
Sierra Voss, Chasing Ice Asst. Tour Manager
Karen Suhaka, Founder of Bill Track 50