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Monday, Sep 16
3:00pm — 4:30pm
133 attending

Building– Creating – Fighting – Every Damn Day. Chasing Grace Episode Two – How Story Builds Culture, Progress and Power for Women In Tech

The Chasing Grace Project is a documentary series about women in tech that seeks to build a more inclusive and transparent culture in tech through story. Even though the tech sector is growing, the data show little, if any, progress for women in tech for more than a decade. The Chasing Grace Project Episode 2: Progress & the Power of Community was exclusively sponsored by Comcast NBCUniversal and explores where we do see progress – in the individual stories of women who have started companies, nonprofit organizations and women-in-tech groups, and the important roles community and advocacy are playing in accelerating that progress.
Comcast NBCUniversal invites you to join:

• Tony Werner | President, Technology, Product, Xperience at Comcast
• Jeanine Heck | VP, AI & Discovery at Comcast
• Sherisse Hawkins | CEO & Founder of Pagedip
• Joshulyne Park | Software Engineer at Comcast

The Chasing Grace Project seeks to build a more inclusive and transparent culture in tech and to recruit and retain women to help build the future. If we don’t have everyone at the table today, we risk living in a less inclusive world tomorrow. The Project also gives women a platform to be seen and heard for their experiences. The Project is produced by reTHINKit Media; co-founded by Jennifer Cloer, CGP writer and director, and Gary Schillinger, CGP producer and editor.

Location TBA

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