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Monday, Sep 16
4:00pm — 5:30pm
44 attending

That One Time...Lightning Talks About Developer Fails

This session will be full of light hearted lightning talks about times when developers have broken code, froze up during an interview or failed in their position at work. Speakers will also go over how they grew from the experience and what they learned. I hope that this session helps to remove the anxiety of messing something up or even learning how to code. Failing is part of the process of becoming a developer. We have all written code that broke an application or froze up during an interview. How we grow from these experiences can really shape how we apply ourselves in our work. I think it's important we share these stories too because it could help someone that is in a situation like that or is nervous of trying something new.

General Assembly (Classroom 3)

3858 Walnut St

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