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Wednesday, Sep 18
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Capital One Café
408 attending

Women Starting Up After 40

If you're in your 40s, 50s or even 60s, you may think it’s too late to startup. Wrong. A recent study of 2.7 million startups conducted by the Census Bureau and two MIT professors found that the most successful entrepreneurs are between 40-60 years of age. Wait, what?

While the study cited several reasons for this winning age factor, one key advantage was our experience. Join Barbara Brooks (52) and Guadalupe Hirt (46) founders of SecondActWomen as we talk with an all-female panel of over 40 and 50+ entrepreneurs starting up in their 'second act' as we candidly discuss changing mindsets, ageism today, starting up and lessons learned. And we'll have a digital playbook take away to boot!

Moderator: Barbara Brooks (52), Founder + CEO of SecondActWomen and former corporate-working marketing & PR specialist

Audrey Walters (44), Actress and Jenny Gilbert (48), Educator - co-founders of Talk to the Camera Moviemaking for Kids
Debbie Scheer (51), Debbie Scheer Speaks and Comedian
Gina Schley (42), SHEgrows Flowers [farmer] and TV Host of Urban Conversion
Guadalupe Hirt (46), Co-founder of SecondActWomen and PR/Copywriting specialist
Mary Smith (49) with GoGenics (CBD wellness & skincare company)

About SecondAct|Women
Founded for women 40 and 50+, SecondActWomen is a powerful career and lifestyle network building a global society of thriving 'midlife questing' women over 40 and 50+. The platform is spurring the careers, ventures, and big ideas of women over 40 through a curated collection of business and lifestyle events and programs, online community, and connections. Founded by Barbara Brooks (52) and Guadalupe Hirt (46) they are rallying women to engage in goal-oriented action to disrupt ageism and make a mark on society as women over 40. SecondActWomen launched in July 2018 and is based in Denver, Colo. www.secondactwomen.com