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Tuesday, Sep 17
6:00pm — 8:00pm
142 attending

Stronger Toget(her) sponsored by CHASE INK

Each women's organization in Colorado has its own unique flare, focus, and community. Join the Female Founders of CO women’s organizations for a unifying evening.

As women we are stronger toget(her). For the first time in CO history, this beautifully diverse compilation of women’s organizations will come toget(her) as one.

Come meet with the top female business leaders and build up your Denver network. Hear from a special guest on how she navigates the business world as a female.

You will not want to miss inspiring keynote addresses, cocktails curated by women in the booze business, and snacks served by Denver’s finest establishments run by women.

Men are invited and encouraged to attend.

Basecamp Powered by Chase Ink

1600 Arapahoe Street

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