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Monday, Sep 16
12:00pm — 1:30pm
68 attending

Structuring for Success: A Legal Toolkit for Startups, by a Startup

Startups face a myriad of legal hurdles, which can distract from your core mission and cause significant headaches down the road, especially if you are looking for a profitable exit. Successful startups will need to decide what type of entity to form, adopt operative agreements for the business, navigate complex intellectual property and brand protection issues, ensure proper employment practices are in place, and negotiate commercial leases in order to secure a home for their startup. The best startups will make these decisions quickly and with confidence, so they can focus on generating revenue. In short: building a successful business can be a legal minefield, but done right, these headaches are avoidable. This workshop presents a unique opportunity to learn about all of these issues and more from the law firm Milgrom & Daskam.

This workshop will help you navigate your startup’s journey from the first days of entity formation to securing your intellectual property for competition. As a startup firm ourselves, we are intimately familiar with the roadblocks facing new companies and how to address them painlessly.

We will kick it off with our in-house expert on corporate entity structure and formation, Alex Kimata. Alex will help you to understand which entity makes sense for your company, how to form the entity, and the key provisions in your fundamental corporate documents. At Milgrom & Daskam, we like to keep things interesting, so we will take an interactive approach and will walk one pre-chosen volunteer through the process of setting up her entity so that all participants leave knowing how to do so themselves.

Next, we will focus on maximizing and protecting the core value of your startup from a legal point of view: your brand. You will learn how to identify, categorize, and protect your intellectual property (“IP”) (aka your brand and all the work behind it). Founder and managing partner Jon Milgrom will walk participants through an exercise where you identify and categorize your IP, and then as a group you will discuss how to protect such IP.

Time permitting, we will then open it up to the audience to decide whether youwould prefer to discuss employment issues, real estate issues, or both. Partner Amanda Milgrom will be there to discuss employment law for startups. Specifically, she can discuss the critical differences between independent contractors and employees through storytelling. Partner John Daskam, our expert in corporate leasing, will be there to help you understand the best way to find a home for your startup – without falling prey to common pitfalls in commercial leasing for startups.

After this workshop, you will walk away with a lot less uncertainty, and a lot more confidence around how to start your company out on the right foot.

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